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Tour des Alpes Short version Summer 2022

When the weather is perfect, it can´t be a bad trip. I would start saying that the weather was just wonderful but this year´s summer TdA was and all-round awesomeness. 5 days packed with climbing, each day spent in a new crag or sector, nicely escalating from warming-up to crushing.

The group was small which gave me opportunity to provide it more then just guiding and cooking. I am a coach by proffesion and passion both so if I can help with improving or getting the project done I am glad to. With just tree guys at more or less the same level it was a pleasure to coach them when necessary and chill out with them, when not.

For the first climbing day I have picked up a nice little crag with a unique setting. It is called Döbriach and is located at the cliffs of the northern side of Millstätter See. It´s uniqueness comes from the fact that all routes starts from the platforms just above the lake or large floating pontoons. Imagine a crag where you can have a great and refreshing swim after every climb! Hold that image as that is precisely Döbriach

Next day we have spent in the great valley of Maltatal climbing at one of the nicest and most accessible sectors there - Kreuzwand. The rock here is amazing. Granite, smooth out by water and glacier but with a great friction and with quite unusual rounded holds and cracks. Perfect place and day for some projects and coaching session.

Third day was dedicated to bouldering. I chose a very scenic place high in the Alps - Felbertauern and sector Tal des Wassers. Both bouldering and panoramas were incredible and Samuel had time even for a nice hike to one of the peaks crowning the valley. All in all as good a bouldering day as it can get!

You would think that after 3 days of climbing and bouldering there would be a rest day coming. Nope. Can´t stop when another iconic place is on offer. This time a world famous Ewige Jagdgründe in Zillertal. Chilling by a icy cold stream with one of the best sport climbing of the grade in all Alps make it a place with a very fitting name.

Last day we left all the remaining skin and strength in another sector of Felbertauern. Elisabeth See is one of the places where you can opt for chilling by the beautiful lake or climbing all grades just a few meters away on an unbelievable green meadows around it. We have returned home skinless, tired, tanned and satisfied.

Written by: Tomaso

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