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Tour des Alpes

Alps are vast and beautiful. They run through France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany and Slovenia. Every part of them is different but have one in common - endless climbing possibilities. Join us for the ultimate road trip around the best granite bouldering and rock climbing locations around the Alps. The exact itinerary of crags is always flexible and we adjust it to weather and group preferences but one is always one certainty - we will climb a lot!

So what to expect? Well, almost everything but boredom and bad mood. Every trip has it's own starting locations. We pick you at the designated place, load the mini van full of camping and climbing gear and you of course and get rolling. Expect a different crag or sector at least every day so that you will get the ultimate tasting experience of the best bouldering and rock climbing in Alps. You can take your own gear or if you come from afar, just come lightly and we will provide the necessary camping and climbing gear. As with most our trips, dinners are included and are either cooked by our staff or we take you out to some nice restaurant for the taste of the local cuisine. 

This are some of the locations that we might visit:

Slovenia - Oplotnica, Jurgovo, Obžalt

Austria - Maltatal, Zillertal, Felbertauern, Silvretta, Oetztal

Italy - Val di Mello, Val Massino, Val Daone

Switzerland - Magic Wood, Gottardo, Cresciano, Chironico, Brione

LevelUP is a premium product with coaching and other benefits throughout the week. Read more about LevelUP trips in the separate section. 

Available Products:

Rocktrip, LevelUP


from 540€ / 9 days

from 280€/ 4 days

Level UP format with 1:1 coaching 50€/4 hour session

Included in price:

Transportation From/To Pickup Location, Accommodation, Dinners, Camping Gear Rental, Climbing & Bouldering Gear Rental, Guiding


Tents in campsites with hot showers and toilets

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Locations:

TdA East: Bratislava, Vienna

TdA South: Milan

TdA North: Munich, Innsbruck

Crag Details:

Granit of all types

+20 areas & +100sectors

+10 000 boulders & routes

All types of climbing: slabs, vertical, overgang, roof

All types of holds: crimps, pockets, jugs, slopers

Grades <3 - 8C+, 3 - 9b

Rest/Rainy Day Options:

Culture: Multiple Historical Towns Along the Way

Sport: Hiking, Slacklining, Frisbee, Petanque

Relax: Riverside, Restaurants, Aquaparks

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