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The beautiful forests around Fontainebleau, France are a second home to Climbingbus project. Trips here are our bestseller and we can provide you the best bouldering trip experience here you could imagine. This place can teach you some much about climbing, it is the best coach in itself.

How it all works? It is really as we claim - worry free. All you need to arrange yourself is getting to Paris. We will pick you up from several Paris arrival locations throughout the Saturday and drive you to our Boulder Base in a picturesque village of Boulancourt only 5km from the nearest climbing area of Buthiers.

The ordinary day of our Fly&Climb spring and fall trips starts with lazy mornings with enough time to wake up properly: have a morning yoga, slackline session or just coffee and croissant in the garden and prepare your food for the day. We usually leave for rocks around noontime and our guides pick sectors according to  weather and group level. Then we climb or chill in the forest until dusk. After we get you back to the base, you can have a stretching session, open a beer or have a shower while we prepare dinner. We dine together in French fashion, enjoy wine, talk and plan for next day, play a board game or whatch a movie. The plan is to climb every day if weather allows so rest days are an individual thing and are arranged to your needs and preferences. The trip usually ends on Friday as Saturdays are reserved for departures and arrivals. 


Summer trips have a bit different day schedule as we usually go climbing in the morning and in the evening and cooked dinners are therefore changed to lunch with siesta at the base. Summers are best suited for students, teachers and families. It is very pleasant in the forest even in the summer heat and for crushers we offer night or early morning sessions, when it is nice and cool.

LevelUP is a premium product with coaching and other benefits throughout the week. Read more about LevelUP trips in the separate section. 

Available Products:

Fly&Climb, LevelUP


from 400€ / week

Included in price:

Accommodation, Airport transfer, Crashpads & Chalk, Dinners, Guiding & Support


Fully equipped ambient country house for 10+ people with all amenities - washer, dryer, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, training equipment, large  garden with boulders, dinners included

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Locations:

Paris Orly Airport, Paris Charles de Gaule  Airport, Paris Beauvais Airport (+25€), Paris Gare de Lyon

Crag Details:

Hard, smooth, silicate sandstone

+120 sectors

+ 35 000 boulders

All types of climbing: slabs, vertical, overgang, roof

All types of holds: crimps, pockets, jugs, slopers

Grades <3 - 9A

Rest/Rainy Day Options:

Culture: Chateau de Fontainebleau, Paris, Barbizon...

Sport: Golf, Horse Riding, MTB, Hiking, Karma Gym, Buthiers Sport Complex

Relax: Chateau Augerville Spa & Michelin Restaurant, Slack-line and Board Games 

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