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bouldering in South Africa

If there is a place where every boulderer wishes to go, its Rocklands. It's unique not only because of its endless potential for easy and hard lines but also because of the unique atmosphere of a small African valley, where climbers experience such feeling of belonging, that they don't want to leave.


10.-26.8.2024 from 1299€

booking deadline is 31.5.2024

Rocklands is a spread out area in Cederberg Mountains near a small town called Clanwilliam, some  250km north of Cape Town. It ´s discovery and developement started in late 90´ by the US and European legends: Todd Skinner, Fred Nicole and Klem Loskot. That alone says a planty about the beuaty and potential of this area. Since then Rocklands has grown into a world famous bouldering spot where all the bouldering aces and normal dudes head for summer. 

Today Rocklands sports over 3000 boulders of all grades and styles. The grainy sandstone forms incredible shapes and blocs are from small to super highballs. Some areas are right by the parking lot, for some you need to hike through the amazing landscape of Cederberg Mountains and Pakhuis Valley. All in all, you will find here everything your bouldering soul screams for. 

How does the trip to Rocklands with CLIMBINGBUS might look like?

You will be welcomed at the airport in Cape Town and rest through the ride to Clanwilliam where we do our preliminary grocery shopping. Welcome party would be one of the many BBQs you will enjoy with us as the evenings by the fire or fireplace are the essence of African spirit. From next day on its full on bouldering. Our guide will help you choose sectors best suited for your level and ambitions and will support you with betas if you need it or with portable flashlights if night catches you under unfinished project. There will be 3 or 4 restdays with offered activities - ocean shore towns visit, Sevilla Rock Art trail hike, safari drive... or you can just crush throughout the whole stay.

What is included in the price of the trip?

  • accommodation in an ambient African cottages

  • transportation by minibus from arrival to the airport to departure from Cape Town

  • cooked dinners and choice breakfasts

  • crashpad rental so you can come light

  • sector guiding and beta support

  • fun, climbing and tons of experience


If you need more information about the destination, trip schedule or dinner menu, contact us by email

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