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Level UP

Fontainebleau - Tenerife - Leonidio

Level UP

Make the most of your climbing trip! Our Level UP trips are aimed at active climbing skill development exploiting the superlatives of what our most popular destinations have to offer. As each destination has something different to offer we have tailored our development programs accordingly. You will be accompanied and coached by experienced experts in their field at each Level UP trip through an intensive program, but will still have plenty of time to enjoy the trip and the amazing surroundings.



booking deadline 30.3.2024


booking deadline 14.9.2024


This is our best seller  Level Up trip hosted at our own Boulder base near Fontainebleau. The main focus of the whole course is feet techniques for which is Fontainebleau probably the best suited place in the whole world. The program is progressing over the week adding more information and building up more skills every day. Tomaso Greksak is the certified Slovak trainer with extensive climbing experience and and coaching climbing technique for almost a decade. There is no rest day intended so the week is very intense. That´s why the second expert on board is always a physiotherapist, whose primary job is to tune the body for an extensive and long term climbing, breaking movement stereotypes in way of the climbing progression and regeneration in the evening.

The typical day starts with a morning exercises with the physiotherapist to wake up and prepare your body for climbing. While you exercise, we prepare healthy and tasty breakfast that we enjoy together after our physiotherapist is finished with you. Then we head out to the crag. 

  1. Day is all about basics. Don´t be fooled however. Basics are very different on a smooth featureless sandstone of Fontainebleau then anywhere else. To be able to stand on the almost nonexistent footholds is a basic requirement but not easy at all and it hides quite a complex approach to applying pressure and a fine foot placement. A whole new world will open up!

  2. Day you will try to apply what you have learned the first day in a variety of easy but multiple boulders linked in a"circuit". Circuits are Fontainebleau´s signature feature and are series of boulders ordered by colored numbers meant to be climbed one after the other. Even the easiest circuits can offer quite a challenge, not only because of the high number of boulders in it (20-150) but also their variety. You are guaranteed to be in need of our physiotherapist in the evening!

  3. Day your feet would probably be starting to hate your climbing shoes so we will try to ease up on them a bit, playing with dynamic and coordination boulders and developing a solid balance using slack-line

  4. Day is return to serious climbing again. Topic of the day are slabs. There is no shortage of those in forests of Fontainebleau and learning how to climb them is something that will boost your overall climbing.

  5. Day will bring a respite for your feet again with climbing in roofs and overhangs so that your arms get some exercise as well.

  6. Day will be a wrap up and summary of all we have learned. Every day would be played out in a different sector so there is always a new "playground" to have fun at.

The whole program is lead by Tomaso Greksak, certified climbing coach with over 30 years of climbing experience, of which last 15 in Fontainebleau. 

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