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Have you ever climbed in...

We have our stable best selling destinations where we feel at home but each year we explore new places that we fall in love with. Take your pick of the authentic places or come for an adventure to some yet not too commercial and secret areas. One of our goals is to create a climbing bridge for Americans to Europe and for Europeans to America



The beutiful forests around Fontainebleau, France are a second home to Climbingbus project. Trips here are our bestseller and we can provide you the best bouldering trip experience here you could imagine. This place can teach you some much about climbing, it is the best coach in itself.



America's bouldering paradise. You have to think rel big for this one. Think about really BIG boulders, big RV, big burgers, think about a big adventure. A winter in Buttermilks is a must have experience.


Red Rocks & Joshua Tree

Two national parks, two famous climbing destinations. This trip is full of contrasts - those of fine red sandstone vs. coarse pale granite, those of light&sound filled civilisation of Las Vegas vs. a protected fragility of desert wilderness and those of pure bouldering movement vs. adventurous trad climbing.



If you are looking for a ultimate rock climbing trip, Leonidio is the destination for it. Thousands of routes on quality grey and red limestone in all grades and styles is just the cream on top. Prepare for a fantastic greek hospitality, great cuisine and friendly climbing community.



Istria peninsula is a favourite tourist destination all summer. Tutside the main tourist season it welcomes climbers in many grey limestone crags. Some right by the sea, some inland with a great view on the croatian countryside. Explore them all with Climbingbus.



The place where you can climb all year long and always find some new and unexpected beautiful place. Come with us to the island of outdoor adventures and taste them all. Climbing is just one of the activities you can expect on a trip to this volcanic paradise



A unique expeditionary trip through Balkan countries combines best sport climbing and bouldering crags with unique balkan cultre and folklore. Prepare for an adventurous and colourful roadtriping we call - All You Can East



Although Alps are best known for the world class trad climbing, we wil take you on a bouldering and sport climbing roadtrip through the major granit crags following the best conditions. As we call it a Tour des Alpes, prepare for a different spot every day.



A synonym to granit is Norway. Be it majestic cave of Hanshelleren in Flatanger where Adam ondra wrote the history of sport climbing or dramatic settings and great bouldering of Lofoten islands, Climbingbus will take you for a ride through the endles oceans of granit and days without nights.


Sweden & Aland

We just love Scandinavia, and you will most certainly love it too. Join us on a exploration of hundreds of small and big, well known and secret climbing and bouldering spots in southern and middle Sweden and a peaceful island of Aland in a lake-like Baltic sea



If there is a place where every boulderer wishes to go, its Rocklands. It's unique not only because of its endless potential for easy and hard lines but also because of the unique atmosphere of a small african valley, where climbers experience such feeling of belonging, that they don't want to leave.



Red sandstone, cracks, stone arches and many national parks. If you like to combine climbing with a bit of natural sightseeing, join us for a slow cruise through the Utah's parks and crags of world's renown. Prepare your fingers, hands and camera for a real treat.

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