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What To Expect When Traveling With Climbingbus

We have created our own standards and commitments. And you are always in the center of them. We want you to have a worry-free climbing trip be it your first outdoor climbing experience or one of many. Anyway, welcome to the climbing community of Climbingbus!


Focus On Climbing

This is our foremost commitment. With Climbingbus your only worry is how to climb your project or where to get more skin for another climbing day. And we will even help you solving those problems, as there is an experienced climber delegate from Climbingbus on every trip and will gladly guide you and offer any support you might need. There are no planned rest days, only days when it's more reasonable to do something else then climbing.


We Organise, You Chill

When choosing to go on a trip with Climbingbus, bare this in mind. We are a group of experienced climbers and travelers with decades of experience in this field behind us. We have made many usual (and sometimes bizzare) mistakes in our first years and learned from them. Therefore you don´t have to. Nothing can ruin the perfect climbing vacacation as a logistic problem of any kind. Now you have a partner, who fix those and other problems, so you don´t have to.


Love Goes Through the Stomach

The picture is intentionally provocative. For some it evokes a rare treat, for some a regular diet and for some the embodiment of what is wrong with the world. We are no extremists and tolerate dietary habits of everyone. Some dish is always included in our offer, be it dinner, half board or full board. On trips where we cook for you, you can expect a very diverse and tasty dishes, made of fresh and preferably local produce. Your food preferences and restrictions are always taken into account. For us food is a very important ingredient of every trip as the overal experiance is always a sum of all sensory imputs.


Travel Light, It's Green

We are a travel agency but we are not hipocrites. Travel in itself has a rather tremendous carbon footprint and thus a heavy impact on the environment. Some of the destinations we offer are for many best accessible by plane. We are very aware of this fact and try to support sustainable travel whenever it's possible. We have multiple "Green Discounts" on more ecological means of getting to our offered destinations. But even if you decide to fly, with Climbingbus you can do it lightly. We have stashes of quality and regularly checked gear in destinations we offer. Thus you can utilize your baggage to minimum. And weight is was matter the most in air travel. And the best thing? The gear is included in price of the trip.

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