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Special Offers

Whether you want to save on budget or save the planet you are at the right place. Discover how you can sometimes do both with Climbingbus.

Sending Train

Green Discount

Green travel is still a bit more expensive or less comfortable. But green travel is future and we would like to encourage you to practition it whenever possible. Therefore we offer 10% discounts whenever you come majority of your transfer to our destinations by train or by a shared drive.

Man Preparing to Fly a Plane

Fly & Climb Eco+

Green Deal

Sadly some destinations are not accesible by any other means then airplane. For the eco conscious climber-travelers we offer an option to soften the environmental impact of air travel. We pledge 1% of profit to one of the enviromentalist foundations, no matter what. You can further support it through our green deal. Pay 5% more for any Fly&Climb trip and we add the same amount and send it whole to the enviromentalist foundations.

First and Last Minute


We ask reasonable prices for the services we offer out of fairness to you and to our coaches, guides and delegates. We gladly share our profits with a good cause and therefore the only dicounts we offer are green and social discounts. We honor the good practice of first and last minute deals, hovewer. So whenever you book your trip 3 & more months before it starts or in the last week before it starts, expect some nice benefit from us - something that will make your trip more comfortable or worthwhile.


Climbing Tribes

Group offers

If you are part of a climbing club, national team or youth team or have just a bunch of friends you would like to share a trip with, contact us for a customized offer. weather you need just some of our services or the whole package we would tailor a deal just right for you. For national and regional teams we offer a special partnership programs as well, contact us for more details

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