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Gran Canaria

Bouldering & Sport Climbing

Gran Canaria

Rock Climbing & Bouldering

Mogan boulder trips are organized in cooperation with All Year Climbing & GC Bouldering - local climbing communities, thus you can expect a very authentic experience with much insider information, guiding and access to the best climbing crags and most beautiful places on the island.

Gran Canaria is a Volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean just over 100km from Morocco west coast. Similar to Tenerife, the rock takes the most interesting shapes and colors from black, through all hues of red and brown to shades of white. The whole island is full with many canyons - barrancos , as they are called in Spanish, which offer great sport climbing and their canyons are perfect spots for bouldering. You can climb in many different places all over the island. But the boulder area of Mogan gives us a playground for a perfect power week bouldering perfect for those who want some challenge lines from 6th & 7th grade and up to even upper tiers of  8th grades. If you are a beginner you will have the opportunity to train your technical skills and add experience to you climbing during our Level Up trip. From the beach to the boulders it just takes 15 minutes driving and even deep water solo at the ocean is possible. Its unique location in the south of the island makes Mogan a perfect boulder destination as there are virtually 0 days over the year when you can't go boulder somewhere on the island. The best season is winter as you have guaranteed climbing weather and temps from 14°C-20°C and over on very hot days. During hot days we would wait until the evening and have several hours for some cooler night sessions


Other great nearby crags in Gran Canaria are:

Fataga (south) Sport Climbing

Tamadaba (north) Sport Climbing

Seruega (south) Bouldering & Sport Climbing

Tunte (south) Bouldering



The regular Fly&Climb trip starts with a warm welcome at Las Palmas Airport. Our trips start on Fridays and end on Mondays so you can get full 10 days, satisfy your climbing desires and still have enough time to see much of the island and it's beauties. We will pick you up at the airport and drive you to one of our authentic climbing accommodations - be it directly in Mogan or in Puerto Mogan at the coast, where you can unpack the very little bagage that you actually need - all you need actually is some "spring-summer" clothes, climbing shoes, chalkbag, harness, helmet and your prefered belay device. All the bulky and heavy gear (rope, quickdraws, trad gear, crashpads) is included in the trip's price. Accommodation consist of a an entire house or several apartments that we will share among our group, each with a nice bathroom, toilet and kitchen. 

Next morning the trip starts in the earnest. Every day we take you climbing according to the group preferences, some crags accommodate for sport climbing and bouldering as well so it is easy to satisfy all at one place. For rest days, if you need them, there are many options - lazy beach day, breathtaking hikes in in the volcanic forests, surfing and other water activities or just a sightseeing around the many of the nice places around the island. You will most definitely leave Gran Canaria sore and tired, but tanned, full of inner energy and smiling, already planning the return to this paradise as soon as possible. 

LevelUP is a premium product with coaching and other benefits throughout the week. Read more about LevelUP trips in the separate section. 

Available Products:

Fly&Climb, LevelUP,


from 760€ / 8 days (1190€ / 14 days)

Deadline and minimum participants:

30  days before the start of the trip / minimum 4 participants

Included in price:

Accomodation, Airport and Crag Transport, Dinners, Gear Rental, Guiding


Fully equipped house or apartments in a Mogan or Puerto Mogan villages with toilet, bathroom and kitchen.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Locations:

Airport at Las Palmas

Crag Details:

Volcanic rock

+ 20 areas

+ 4000 routes & boulders

Types of climbing: slabs, vertical, overgang

Types of holds: crimps, pockets, jugs, slopers

Grades <3 - 8c

Rest/Rainy Day Options:

Culture: Las Palmas Old Town, a famous crater, the Jardín Canario and Playa de Las Canteras.

Sport: Surfing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, MTB, Hiking, Paragliding

Relax: Beach, Restaurants, Wineries, Beach Bars

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