Climbing Bus = Climbing b' us




Climbingbus project emerged from the greatest tragedy for a climber. Maybe you know it - you have time, you are not totally broke, you want to go climbing, but everyone is just full of excuses. If we talk just about an afternoon quickie to the local crag, usually you can talk someone into it. But if you have a week long trip to a destination 1000km away, that is quite another matter. When i bought my first minibus, I filled it usually with climbers who did not want to organize other people or the trip itself, did not have their own car did not want to drive it or had many other reasons why they just step on board. In time many of my friends and plenty of other people get used to the fact, that going on a trip with me is very easy for them. The only question remained: "How much will the trip cost?" Here, you always know the answer, just look at the price tag.

Climbingbus is a living project however. It still evolves. In time, the regular climbing groups were joined by beginner climbers and to them the Climbingbus trips were usually the first experience of climbing outside and with the climbing lifestyle - and that is really addictive. It is possible to get addicted to climbing even at the small and slippery local crag, but in places where we drive with the service we provide there is no escape from the full dive into the amazing world of climbing. So the mission slowly shifted towards another goal - upgrading Hommo Plasticus into Hommo Rockis.

Will you join us?

Tomaso Greksák